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When to make a personalized gift? Here are 8 perfect moments!

They have the power to give happiness , you can't find one like the other and usually they wear a bow, a dedication and lots and lots of affection. Yes, you guessed it, these are personalized gifts , a very nice solution to avoid the risk of trivial ideas.

If you want to make a special surprise to an even more special person, but you don't know when to give her a customizable gift, we at Flashback Milano could tell you that every occasion is always the right one, when it is done with the heart. Are you looking for a particular inspiration? Here are eight opportunities to get noticed with a truly unique thought.

1 | Let love blossom with personalized Valentine's Day gifts

If Cupid has made his way, taking advantage of the party of lovers for a personalized gift for him and for her is undoubtedly a good opportunity to amaze and excite your soul mate. Take aim for February 14th, too, and aim for his heart with a special phrase to celebrate love.

2 | A customizable gift… for an unforgettable degree

Graduation is the day that every university eagerly awaits. Once the final vow is said aloud, what matters is to enjoy the result of so much effort and look back with pride.

Recognizing the efforts, passion and achievements of a loved one will help them not to forget this important moment, to always have self-confidence and to remember that the skills and determination demonstrated have not gone unnoticed at all. And why not, it could also work as a good luck talisman for new challenges.

3 | Personalized gifts for Father's and Mother's Day

Being children is synonymous with many responsibilities, including a decidedly demanding one: finding personalized gifts for Father's and Mother's Day every year. Because, let's face it, this is a high-risk mission. Behind the effort to think of a beautiful and original idea, there is always the danger of the classic aftershave or a houseplant purchased at the last minute. A personalized gift, on the other hand, is a simple and special way to show your parents how important they are, today and always. Just like a "I love you" engraved on our Flashback bracelets.

4 | An original gift for a wedding anniversary

Love is a daily act, but the beauty of celebrating the magical yes moment every year is one of our favorite moments to transform an emotion into a personalized and intimate gift, for him and for her. With our bracelets you can choose whether to engrave a message on the visible side, only inside or on both sides . Because love is known, it needs space, but also the right intimacy.

A bracelet - or why not, a pair of bracelets - with a dedication will make the wrist the closest point to your heart.

5 | Keep the emotions of a trip close to your heart

The journey that changed your life hides one of the personalized gift ideas that you will love to always carry with you, and with the people who have explored the world by your side, perhaps discovering other breathtaking destinations.

Just a glance at your wrist and you will remember the summer after the final exams or the dream sunsets of that paradise island that took your breath away. Customize one of our bracelets with the geographical coordinates of the place of your dreams and your heart will be ready to fly on the wings of fantasy again, including luggage! And if you have new journeys in mind, fear not: our bracelets are ready to follow you on all adventures thanks to their resistant and scratch-resistant material .

6 | Customizable gifts for a birthday

It's the same story every time, you leave with the best of intentions and find yourself a couple of days before the birthday party with nothing in hand. The challenges, then, seem to never end: there are those who do not like parties, those who are saddened by that extra year that is added, and those who only want special and well-studied gifts. With personalized gifts you are always on the safe side because you know, emotions are good on everything. And if you engrave them forever on one of our bracelets, they will complete the outfit even for the most hardened fashion addicted.

7 | A special dedication under the Christmas tree

No, we couldn't forget Christmas , the most exciting time of the year. Such a traditional moment for the exchange of gifts can turn into the most unexpected occasion for something dedicated and particular. You could take the opportunity to give one as a gift pair of Flashback bracelets : one each for your brothers, sisters or parents, or maybe one for you and one for a loved one. Sharing a gift doubles the pleasure!

8 | The family, an immense gift for a lifetime

Do you know that one of the most requested tattoos is the name of your children or all members of your family? If you like the idea but prefer something less painful, the bracelets we customize in our online shop work the same way. Choose which side of the bracelet to engrave, and if you want the names to be written in full or if you prefer only the initials, for an extra touch of secrecy . The final result, in any case, will turn into a unique gift.

Quotes, the coordinates of a special place, the name of a loved one, or even a word in a foreign language that contains an important emotion. Whenever we receive a new request for a custom bracelet, we know that we are not engraving a simple piece of steel and just any message. Behind every word there are stories, feelings and special people , and impressing all this on steel is a great honor for us every time, and an immense sinking to the heart.

Whatever the occasion you choose to do it, a personalized thought will come straight to the heart like no other gift. Entrust your emotions to Flashback Milan bracelets . Have you already chosen yours?

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